Testimonials and customer feedback.

15/7/2014 - Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
I have worked with both Rabecca and Mark for many years. What has always stood out is their exceptional plant knowledge, professional and friendly approach, their willingness to share their expertise, and their commitment to contributing to a healthy and beautiful environment.

They have always been eager to contribute to the education of the community, including both young people and adults. During late 2013 Mark made an excellent contribution to our Gardens and Wildfire Master-class, and was the most popular presenter. Rabecca provided an excellent service to the community as a judge in our state-wide Student Garden Design Competition in 2010, Native Garden Awards in 2010 and 2011, and generously donated prizes on behalf of State Flora.

Rabecca and Mark are passionate about our native flora and fauna, and demonstrate great talent for bringing together sustainable principles, creative design and beautiful landscapes. They are great listeners and communicators, and I have no doubt that their consultancy service will provide unparalleled service in assisting clients to design and create native gardens and natural landscapes of great beauty and integrity.

Sheryn Pitman
Manager Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Landscapes
Botanic Gardens of South Australia

Bulbine bulbosa

15/7/2014 - Magill
I am very happy to recommend Gondwanana Landscapes & Consultancy to anyone. Especially those looking for advice (and subsequent work) in creating a water-wise, low maintenance, enjoyable garden in SA conditions. Mark, has a wealth of knowledge from his professional studies and experience working with the State Flora Nursery (SA). He was prompt at all appointments, and happy to listen to my thoughts and queries, offering great advice on the best plants for soil, location (e.g. shade or full sun) areas of my garden. He was also able to improve the soil in my garden and install an efficient water-wise irrigation system. Mark was also aware of being cost-efficient to fit within my budget and so we were able to incorporate some of my existing plantswith the new native plantings to create a lovely new easy to manage garden. He also tidied up and trimmed existing plants and trees, improved the soil, and applied a lovely compost-rich mulch to the garden beds. All of this was done quickly and methodically in an an amazingly short time, reducing the cost of labour. As a result I have decided to engage Mark on a flexible 3 monthly or so maintenance schedule because I was so impressed with his efficient work and knowledge. By far, the best horticultural advice and work I have ever had by any gardener or landscaper designer. And so great to have his impressive knowledge of suitable native plants fo SA conditions.


15/7/2014 - Coromandel Community Centre
I have known Mark and Bec on a personal and business level for several years now. I initially approached them to attend a community event hosted by the Coromandel Community Centre to share their knowledge of sustainable gardens. Since then we have worked jointly on several on projects and activities. We are excited to be able to offer a school holiday activity in September this year (2014) where Gondwana will be passing on their skills and knowledge to our young clients.

The Coromandel Community Centre is pleased to have the support and be associated with such passionate local residents and business people, such as Mark and Bec of Gondwana.


18/6/2014 - Hazelwood Park
Mark Thomas is a gem... Passionate, knowledgeable and energetic.

In the late summer last year Mark prepared a design to renovate the front of our old garden.

On his first visit I was impressed by his immediate understanding of the garden: especially how the sun worked in the garden producing baked areas at times and cold cheerlessness at others. He considered the moisture, the soil, the strengths and weaknesses of the established trees and smaller plants, the movement of air, the neighbourhood context, the glimpses of long views. We talked at length about our goals - what is this garden for.

He brought to this insight, his deep knowledge of plants, and prepared a plan. The new plants were planted in the autumn.

After 12 months it looks fantastic. There's subtlety and complexity in a simple modern garden. We have a variety of plants. It's interesting. The birds are beginning to find us. There was an existing structure: walls, steps, paths, some existing plants. Mark has worked with that and the microclimate to give each area its own character - from lush to almost arid. We have lovely views from inside, and treats which only become apparent when outside.

Mark has been here to do maintenance. I try to be in the garden when Mark is working. It's a great pleasure and education. This is how to do maintenance on these plants - take out these dead leaves, hair cut here, feed it with this. Mark is very quick - a short visit spring and autumn. We are learning what to do and when. He also talks about other things he sees in the garden, birds, insects, and the pleasures of his gardening life.

Mark has recently planted the other half of the garden. You can tell we are pleased. It's thriving. Thanks to Mark, for the garden he has created, and his commitment to continue this work in progress.


25/4/2014 - Hallett Cove
We first asked Mark Thomas to design and landscape a native garden for our backyard 3 years ago. We were so satisfied with the effort, care and consideration he showed to the whole process, including after planting care, that we asked him back to help us create a native garden for our front yard at the end of last year. Already this garden has given us much joy as well as giving our home new street appeal and added value to it.

We would happily recommend Mark and Gondwana Landscapes and Consultancy to anyone else, our gardens are living proof of the fantastic work he does.

Regards Dee

20/4/14 - Belair
Gondwana Landscapes & Consultancy has been fabulous, Mark works very hard, does an incredible job and always finished on time. He has come back a to help us a few times and we have been delighted each time. I would definitely recommend their services.


15/4/14 - Angle Park
Gondwana Landscapes & Consultancy have been really great! Mark and Rabecca got everything done on time, my garden looks beautiful now and I have them to thank for it. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.


11/4/14 - Little Hampton
Gondwana Landscapes & Consultancy are awesome! Rabecca and Mark are the best tradies I've found on Hipages, I am using them on an ongoing basis once a week and each time they complete a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend their services.


18/2/14 - Flagstaff Hill
Mark from Gondwana was so professional and passionate about his work that we hired him the day we met; he arrived before our appointment, too. He is highly knowledgeable and has a solid work ethic. We are very pleased with his work and have hired him to do our landscaping every few months.